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Marin Postpartum Therapy

Individual and Group Support

Sydney McCall Patel, LMFT

A Postpartum Depression and Anxiety Specialist

I trust that things can get better. I support clients to discover this for themselves. I work with sensitivity and directness to support people to enter into their lives more fully and explore what they need to thrive. Often once this happens symptoms go away and the client gets better. I offer a safe and warm space where clients' deepest concerns are met with authentic attention and care. I support clients to encounter their lives with curiosity, honesty and self-compassion. I work with adults and teens who are facing a variety of life challenges including: postpartum depression, anxiety/panic, grief and trauma.

As a mother, partner and perinatal psychotherapist serving Marin county and San Francisco, I support clients to navigate the complexities of life, by exploring the patterns that cause suffering and pain. I also support clients to uncover what brings them joy and ease. Throughout this process, clients learn to embrace, even celebrate life, finding confidence as they discover who they really are.

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Why Naturopathy

Our work together

 can help with


We can explore the roots of your depression and come to a full integration of all the parts of yourself.


Our natural instincts to protect ourselves from harm can become out of control when we find ourselves caring for such a vulnerable person.


All of the sudden, normal, everyday tasks become too much for our nervous systems.


Our relatives' best intentions can be received as not helpful or even contributing to the suffering we're going through.


Raising a child can endanger your most important relationship: that of your partner.


"Shouldn't this be easier? Shouldn't I be good at this? Why does it feel so bad? Why is everyone else happy?"



“Sydney is masterful at creating a safe environment for people to share about and explore their inner world and relationships.”

 – Dr. Cynthia Weissbein, PsyD., former Executive Director and Clinical Director of Community and Family Service Agency of Sonoma

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34 Forrest St. Mill Valley, CA 94941


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Sydney McCall Patel, MA, LMFT, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist LMFT  116038

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